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Rebuildable CE4 E Cigarette Clearomizer 74mm , No Burning Taste
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Product: Views:11Rebuildable CE4 E Cigarette Clearomizer 74mm , No Burning Taste 
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Rebuildable CE4 E Cigarette Clearomizer 74mm , No Burning Taste





CE4 Clearomizer

Clearomizer CE4 has been a standard for some time now. It often comes in eGo kits (with two-week warranty). Lately its been replaced with similar but rebuildable clearomizers from CE5 series. Still, people who dont like too much hassle with washing and rebuilding prefer this clearomizer.

Two CE4s can last for a month without any special attention. 

Clearomizer capacity           






Single weight 


Atomizer resistance




CE4 clearomizer is compatible with eGo batteries. Its clear plastic shell allows you to always see how much e-liquid youve got in the tank. It has a screw-in mouthpiece which seals around the atomiser - this stops leakage.


It can last two weeks or more if:

you take care to keep the wick wet. This means when using it, you shouldnt have less than 0.5 ml of e-liquid in it at any time, otherwise the wicks wouldnt be absorbing ejuice.

you dont vape it at higher voltages (4.5V or more). What you need is 3 - 3.7V.

It gives a nice, heavy vape.

Another good thing about CE4 clearomizer is that it is really, really easy to fill. You dont even need to have needle cap which I use anyway. Fill it directly from the bottle, just pay attention that e-liquid doesnt enter the hole in the middle. See the pictures below. 


This goes very well with eGo batteries both functionally and esthetically. Thats why this type of clearomizer is often sold with eGo batteries in a kit.

affordable price

found anywher online or offline in many variants (long-short wick being one, color another). Thats unlike clear clearomizer 510 for which you really have to search (and search). Tgo battery has its own CE4.

 Just make sure you dont mistake  eGo CE4 for  TGo CE4. They look similar and both have the same price!



Not So Good Points


Weve been using it for months and we cant find any.

However, make sure you purchase them from reliable suppliers offering at least some sort of warranty. Some of them may be dead (burnt) on arrival, you want to have the option of replacement. 



CE4 Burnt taste?

A couple of possible reasons

1. you might have started to vape too soon. Allow a couple of minutes for wicks to absorb the liquid thoroughly

2. You might have started to vape it at too high voltage. I noticed that the best voltage for them is the low one -  3.0 - 3.5

3. Everybody manufactures CE4 today. This is both advantage and disadvantage. Take a look at the pic below. I hope you can see the uneven surface in the central circle. Well, my daughter brought one CE4 the central circle of which was totally even - and it didnt work, of course. So, make sure you buy things from a supplier that lets you return DOA items.



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